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6 thoughts on “ On My Butt - The Fabulous Porkskins - Unplugged & Deep-Fried

  1. Sep 08,  · I had this idea a while ago and finally got to try it. The Bloody Butt is pulled pork injected with Bloody Mary mix! Please forgive the crappy audio. I had a microphone technical issue (wait for.
  2. Well I checked my bags for a hundred bucks Let the TSA look up my butt Ran to my gate, just in time to board The lady scanned my boarding pass I stumbled down the ramp and through first class To my seat in coach, that's all I could afford Then they said, sir you'll have to .
  3. Aug 18,  · Seven and a half pounds of frozen pork is not a problem for a pellet smoker. I used the Rec Tec rt but this could be done in a Traeger or a GMG or any pe.
  4. Aug 12,  · It looks like my butt is gonna be finished around 8 hours too soon which is new to me. Looks like my options are towel and cooler, drop down to when it is , or pull it save juice and re heat. If anyone else has a magical way by all means list it. I unplugged the smoker and got it to using the stock one and then flipped the switch.
  5. lb. Boston Butt, thawed, rinsed and dried. Sprinkle Old River Seasoning on the outside of the roast covering completely. Heat the cooking oil to °F as directed on deep fryer and immerse the roast in the oil. Allow the roast to cook for approximately 8 1/2 minutes per pound.

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