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8 thoughts on “ Kaktus Interruptus - Karezza

  1. What Can Chimps Teach the Church About Sex? Curious about why a pope condemned karezza, I recently waded through the late Archbishop Exner's The Amplexus Reservatus (The Reserved Embrace). It traced some eye-opening Catholic doctrine about the purpose of marriage, much of which dates back to Church father Augustine of Hippo (b. CE).
  2. Kaktusovke (kaktusi; lat. Cactaceae), Kaktusi su sukulentne biljke koje pripadaju porodici Cactaceae, a potječu iz Amerike (Sjeverne, Srednje i Južne sa susjednim otocima). To su uglavnom bodljikave trajnice koje se odlično suprotstavljaju suši zahvaljujući sočnom i mesnatom sastavnom tkivu. Naziv sukulent odnosi se na svaku biljku sočnog tkiva stabljike i lišća, a često i korijena.
  3. In coitus reservatus, unlike karezza, a woman can enjoy a prolonged orgasm while a man exercises self-control. [12] Like coitus interruptus, coitus reservatus is not a reliable form of preventing a sexually transmitted disease, as the penis leaks pre-ejaculate prior to ejaculation, which may contain all of the same infectious viral particles.
  4. The practice of Karezza Stockham writes, “ Karezza signifies ‘to express affection in both words and action,’ and while it fittingly denotes the union that is the outcome of deepest human affection, love’s consummation, it is used technically throughout this work to designate a controlled sexual union.”.
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  6. Apr 07,  · Psychology Definition of CAREZZA (KAREZZA): n. the deliberate act of delaying or prolonging an orgasm during sexual intercourse. It is a technique meant to enhance pleasure or to achieve birth contro.
  7. Coitus reservatus (coitus, "sexual intercourse, union" + reservatus, "reserved, saved"), [1] also known as sexual continence, is commonly thought of as a form of sexual intercourse in which the penetrative partner does not attempt to ejaculate within the receptive partner, but instead attempts to remain at the plateau phase of intercourse for as long as possible avoiding the seminal emission.

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